Andy DeVane

Software engineer, Privacy goof, Sysadmin LARPer

What I’m up to now

Last updated (04/2/24)

3D Printing

Currently I’m printing a lot of pots and lamps from hendricks design on patreon. They look great and we need some green and better lighting in my all wood house. I love the MCM look of these as they go great in my house which was built in the 70s.


Most recently I’ve added AdGuardHome I’ve used Pihole as a DNS sinkhole in the past but I wanted to give Adguard a go to see how it stacks up. So far so good!

I’ve also added Jellyfin to supliment Plex. We recently had an internet outage, and I’ve heard Jellyfin works better without outside internet. Having some streaming options when the internet goes out will be great.

Next in terms of hardware, I really want to build a NAS. I’m getting dangerously close to filling up my current 1TB of storage on my main server. I’d like to have a NAS setup and all my containers that need a lot of storage to use it instead of the onboard storage of the server it’s running on.


I just got the drums setup in the garage. I’ve also been cleaning my office, and recently got MoCA setup to get internet out to the garage. Basically now I just need to clean both rooms, get rid of some stuff and I should be good to move my office. Katie’s friends are coming this month and I’d love to get at least my office cleaned up so someone can sleep on the futon if need be.